Doctors Clinic in Rawalpindi / Islamabad for the best Homeopathy treatment

Doctors Clinic
Women’s Health: PMS, menopause symptoms, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, fibromyalgia, repeated miscarriages, infertility, pregnancy/labour support, labour induction, premature labour pains, morning sickness, chronic nausea, yeast infections, chronic urinary tract infections, chronic anaemia, loss of bladder control and more…Children’s Health: chronic ear infections, autism, ADD, ADHD, ODD, teething pain, high fever, nightmares, bed wetting, grinding teeth (bruxism), growing pains, warts and more… Dr Abbas & Dr Seema Mazhar Homeopath since 2006, in Pakistan previously in abroad.
Cell No:
00 92 323 5744134
Website  :No 138/B. Malakabad
Plaza, Main Muree Road,
Near 6th Road overhead
General Health: arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, hay fever, ragweed allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis, repeated bouts of pneumonia, migraines, (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Krohn’s, colitis), constipation, chronic diarrhea, candida, kidney stones, angina, chronic nosebleeds, recovery from cosmetic surgery/general surgery,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr, hemorrhages, chronic pain, shingles, post-herpetic neuralgia, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, concussion, sprained ankles, broken bones, frostbite,

depression, schizophrenia, fear of flying, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), fear of people, agoraphobia, anorexia, bulimia, claustrophobia, motion sickness, sea-sickness, shock, nightmares, sleepwalking, sleep disorders, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea,

lack of appetite, food cravings, Bell’s Palsy, vitiligo, warts, hives, eczema, psoriasis, Menieres Disease, dizziness, tinnitus, hepatitis, thick & deformed nails, high-blood pressure, after effects of heart attacks / (TIA’s) Transient Ischemic Attacks, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, after effects of chemotherapy & radiation and more..

About Doctors Clinic
Practitioner  Prof Dr. Abbas & Dr. Seema Mazhar with other group of doctors
Therapies Offered    Homeopathy,
Location     No 138 / B. Malakabad Plaza,
Main Muree Road,near 6th Road,
overhead bridge-Rawalpindi Pakistan.
Hours  By Appointment: Monday to Thursday (evenings)& Saturday (5.oo pm  to 7. oo pm)
Phone          00 92 323 5744134 
Cash & Cheque payments are accepted
Fees (Homeopathy) Rs 500/ hour Fee is calculated based on 15 minute intervals.
Minimum fees apply – see below for details.
Each visit includes individual dose of 1-3 Homeopathic
minimum charge Rs:500 First Visit
Note: Time/Cost depends on complexity of health issues as well.


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103 thoughts on “Doctors Clinic in Rawalpindi / Islamabad for the best Homeopathy treatment

  1. someone told me that i can increase my height …. go to some homoeopathic doctor he/she will recommend you some capsules … i am 19 years old and of 5.1 height.. please tell meh what should i doo.. i really want to do this .. please please

  2. Mein 6 maheene se beemar hon bht elaj kia bt no response from allopatht now I want to use heopathy mujhe digestive problems hein or anxiety and depression bhi plzzzz suggest me some medecine

  3. Dear doc, my wife is having pain in back
    Which is disk disorder suggested by the doctors. They were recommending the surgery but i refrain to do so as i heard that with the help of physiotherapy it can be cured as this disorder is very low in nature.
    But it is still not recovered, i would like to know whether homeopathy can do some thing in this area.
    Looking forward to ur precious advise.

    • Yes there is a treatment more effective and without any operation. In this case the operation is some time disable the person for ever. You can try the Homeo medicine and therapy as well. We have the said cases and are cured properly. It is better to have an appointment. At present I am in Lahore and will come back on Tuesday 18th you can come on 19th of this months by calling me at my number 0323 5744134

  4. hello sir i want to do the prectise of homoeopathy … i did dhms and waiting for my regesrtation ect … plz tell what should i do

    • Yes we have the best remedies for the said issue. The treatment is without any operation or vaginal interference. In your case there is no other treatment but Homeopathy as you are a virgin one. You may call and have an appointment or medicine through postal service. for appointment call on 0323 5744134 to Prof Dr. Abbas directly.

  5. hello sir. my brother is 21 year old and his height 4.5-8 inch. due to this he lost his self confidence. before one year back he also used homeopathic medicine for height growth the result was serious pain in stomach and other problem. please sir help me if you have any solution.

    • Dear binish the issue is not serious some time when a doctor in homeopathic is not fully conversant with the history of his / her patient it can be a problem but usually there is no homeopathic medicine which could left any side effect. Any how let him inform accordingly and there is a latest medicine in the shape of drops / capsules / tablets for his increase of height in this age without any side effect. If he is in Rawalpindi or Islamabad then he can visit us or otherwise we can send him the proper medicine through courier service. But he should have explain his physical history briefly to suggest him matched

  6. Good day! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thanks a ton!

  7. Free Webmaster Guide

    Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks!

  8. sir aoa firstly m so so much thankful to u fr solving my severe problem.i was much disappointed coz i had tried all th possible treatments for my frozen shoulder.even i had become hopeless after long treatment of orthopedic surgeon.your medicine in drops only 2.2 drops did magical effect.even in 5 days i m 95%feeling well.m so much praying for ur sucess onward.u hv solvd ma major issue thx best regards

  9. sr i was much hopeless fr my son suffering in thelesemia.his blood ws changed twice in month.i tried every specialist in karachi.through your website i approached you.even in short period of one and half month,according to your prescription and treatment much of problem & tension of my son disease has decreased fr which i m so much thankful to u sir.u hv saved life of my son.thanks again.

  10. sir m much thankful to u for curing my diabetic in such short time allah pak aapko mzid shafa ki quwwat day ameen

  11. Sir i am suffering from ibs c for 8 years. i went through every doctor specially well qualified allopathic doctors hakims and homeopathic doctors. but i did not get cure.

  12. aoa i am suffring from IBS+ food allergies i am very confused is both have any relation ship what should i do pls give me some advice thanks

    • What is the relationship between food allergies and IBS?

      Traditionally, true food allergies have been considered to be rare. However, some research suggests that reactions to certain foods may account for some IBS symptoms. More importantly, the studies suggest that by eliminating exposure to those foods, IBS symptoms will diminish. A major criticism of this research may be made in that food allergies were diagnosed in study participants based on the presence of a substance in their blood called Immunologlobulin G (IgG). IgGs are antibodies produced by the immune system to fight infection, but are not considered reliable for the purpose of diagnosing food allergies. Since the studies did show a reduction of symptoms through the use of an elimination diet, it is still worth taking a look:
      •The most common foods identified as being problematic were milk, eggs, wheat, beef, pork, and lamb.

      •Elimination diets resulted in a reduction of overall IBS symptoms, frequency of pain, and abdominal bloating.

      •Elimination diets resulted in an improvement in quality of life, sense of control over IBS, and improved functioning of the rectum.

      •Most patients showed a good ability to stick with the restricted diet.

      •Patients who demonstrated better compliance to the restricted diet experienced the greater amount of improvement.

      •Cheating on the diet resulted in a worsening of symptoms.
      Any how you may let me know the details of your symptoms and don’t worry there is remedy for these kinds of issues and you can cure.

  13. thanks doctor but i want to add some thing i had my problem started from ibs i had only ibs symptoms but after 5 years i started feeling itching in my body and i use to feel uncomfortable after eating chicken i went for allergy test and told that i have milk egg chicken and mutton allergy as long as i remember these allergy symptoms started from two pills which i took for relief of ibs symptoms i really feel that was very bad moment when i took those 2 pills of famotidine i think i suffred drug allergy i had no allergy problem before taking that medicine but only ibs.

  14. meray right shoulder ma pain ha. x ray say patta challa ha k gap ha- kafee dwaiee or daisee elaaj kya mager farq nahee para– age 40years- koiee mashwara dain– shukreya.

    • you can have your medicine from us through postal service if you are not in Rawalpindi / Islamabad. You may contact to Prof Dr Abbas on cell no 0323 5744134 in age 22 your height can be increased by our Homeopathic medicine

  15. do you treat carotid artery blockage? the patient has blockage in left carotid artery due to which paralysis attacks occur. patients is 43 yrs old male.

  16. Dr sahab muje 3 month se 1 ajeeb c allergy ha jab b koi garam cheez khata hoon to machar k katne jaise red danay nkl atay hain plz koi medicine likh den

  17. Aoa Sir
    my wife is having pain in her heals due to the enlargement of bones do u have any treatment pls let me know and also tell me homeopathy have the treatment of dvt.
    Hyder shah

  18. Hello sir I am sadam , sir kindly can u tell me which doctor is best for pain in bones , sir merii ami jaan ko kafi takleef hotii he bones joint me kindly plz tell me best doctor in Islamabad

  19. salam
    sir meri wife ko pich ly 3 years se 2 kidneys main stone hain lekin aaj se 7 monthe pehly dono kidneys ka opration hogaya hay.bahot badi stone nikla hay lekin ab 6 month bad phir right kikney main 4cm ki stone hay,us ne homeio aur aillopathic dono use ki hain lekin stone break nahee ho raha.(Linnen,Showaby.Maqsood)in sab ki dose li lekin ab b pain hay
    please koi ach mashowra dain.pls

    • We can help you in a short time so don’t be upset. You may call for details on my cell # 0323 5744134. It is a research centre and we help our patients with proper research work and cure in a short time. The issue is not a trade of the medicine but to understand the case taking and research work in it’s proper remedy. operation is not a final solution, you may visit us or call back to me before 10th or after 25th December. I am out of country from 10th to 25th December


  21. Dr sb My father has Hepatytis-C and he has done 72 injection course but still his problem exist.Can you please tell me you do treatment for Hepatytis-c

  22. Sir this Naveem Khan.
    I am 21 year old living in RWP,

    Dear sir, my problems is that i was involved in bad habits over 6 to 7 years. With these bad habits i lost my brain sharpness and body health. Now i hardly can memorize even a single line, and my body is so weak, i can’t do any hard work properly. My brain was so sharp end i was able to memorize any thing in second but not know! i was able to do any kind of hard work but not know! and also my eyesight decreasing day by day.

    Sir is there any solution that i can get my brain sharpness and body health back.
    If there is please please let me know that i can come to you.

    Thank you so much.
    Naveed Khan.

  23. Dear Dr.Abbass
    I want to apprise that my nephew is suffering from Autism. He shows no aggression, obeys orders to a certain extent, responds to his name to a certain extent, is very cool and calm and keeps playing all day happily. HOWEVER, the main worry and tension is, he DOES NOT TALK at all. He used to talk perfectly (both english and urdu) till the age of 1.5 yrs. But after that he has stopped talking gradually. He is currently 6 yrs old. Now he only produces some sounds, but no language at all. He is undergoing speech therapy for last two years but no progress at all.
    Please tell us do u have any treatment for that? Have u recovered speech of any child in similar condition? Are ther any practical examples? Parents whom we can talk to?
    Desperate guardians of an autistic child.

  24. My age is 20 i want to increase my height. I just wanted to know that is homeopathic medicines work or not. And how much inch will be increase in height..

  25. Dr. mera name ahmad hai main heartpatient ho or muje apni hight ki bohat problem hai kia heart patient k liye koi madison hai kun kmain antibiotic nai kha sakta meri hight 5; 3 hai

  26. My wife after clinical, ultrasound and FNAC has been diagnosed of breast lump which is benign. Surgeons are recommending for operation. Can you help?

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